WhatsApp is working on new functionality for drawing pictures & videos

WhatsApp has been continuously introducing new features to its app in order to provide a safer and more comprehensive chatting experience. A better voice call interface, payments with Novi integration in the US, and multi-device compatibility are among the forthcoming features currently in development. Now, the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android indicates that the service is working on another, albeit tiny, new feature: extra sketching tools for pictures and videos.

New Drawing Tools

In the newest Android beta, WABetaInfo spotted two more sketching pencils, for a total of three, in WhatsApp’s built-in picture editor. The indicators hint that the new pencils may have bigger tips, allowing you to scribble or draw thicker lines on photographs or videos. Users may now alter the color of the pencil in WhatsApp, but there is no way to adjust the thickness.

According to the source, WhatsApp has begun developing a blurring capability for its Android app. Sharing screenshots and images should be easier now that you can blur out the sensitive areas before emailing them. It is worth mentioning that the Meta-owned messaging platform prevents duplicate photos to be downloaded, it prevents your phone gallery from becoming cluttered.

Additional drawing tools are in the works, but no details are available at this time. There’s also no word on when the public will be able to use these new tools. Nonetheless, these should first be released to the WhatsApp beta channel before being handed out to the whole user base.

Although WhatsApp’s ongoing advancements, Telegram provides a more feature-rich experience with features like spoiler style, emoji replies, per-chat themes, screen sharing, and animated backgrounds. Despite this, Meta’s messaging service has over two billion active users globally and over five billion downloads on the Play Store alone. In October 2021, Telegram’s Android app surpassed 1 billion Play Store installations, fuelled by a multi-hour WhatsApp and Facebook outage, and very doubt aided by Meta’s dubious data privacy practices.




Bianca is a content creator & a passionate blogger. She is a professional tech blogger & an avid reader. She loves to explore topics related to tech.

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Bianca Patrick

Bianca Patrick

Bianca is a content creator & a passionate blogger. She is a professional tech blogger & an avid reader. She loves to explore topics related to tech.

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