Spotify adds more countries to podcasts support and real-time lyrics on Android

Spotify is one of the largest music-streaming platforms. It bridges the gap between artists and music enthusiasts by enabling users to stream millions of songs on the platform. Today, the company announced that it would introduce real-time lyrics support to all of its apps, including Android and Google TV, in response to years of consumer demand.

Brand New Features

Spotify will begin rolling out lyric support today, according to a blog post, including on Android and Android TV/Google TV apps. The tool, which is provided by MusixMatch, a leading source for music lyrics, appears to work for almost every song. We only identified one song that wasn’t supported in a playlist of over 400 songs.

When viewing lyrics on a mobile device, the current lyrics are highlighted in a scrolling card. The lyrics are shared as a picture. The feature is available on paid and free accounts. This feature comes after the platform gives users the ability to permanently remove contacts in a much simpler manner.

Lyrics show at the bottom of the screen on Android and other mobile devices and can be revealed with a swipe gesture. Each song is labeled with “lyrics” to indicate whether or not it supports the feature. Lyrics are enabled on TVs using an on-screen toggle on the Now Playing screen. Spotify has confirmed that the feature is available on Android TV/Google TV, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Fire TV, Roku, and a few more TV devices.

Spotify, however, announced last week that it would expand its podcast support to new nations. Users in Iraq, Libya, Tajikistan, Venezuela, the Republic of the Congo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will soon be able to listen to podcasts on Spotify.