Samsung’s New Maintenance Mode Protects Phone Data from Repair Businesses

I remember when my phone screen cracked some time back, I gave my phone to the repair shop, and I was a nervous wreck thinking about a random stranger going through my private photos and data. Thankfully, since then smartphone manufactures have amped up their security measures to protect private data, the most recent development is Samsung’s new, ‘Maintenance Mode’.

Protect Your Data with ‘Maintenance Mode’

After successfully testing it in South Korea and China, Samsung has begun rolling out its new maintenance mode function internationally. We’ve known about it for a while, but you can finally utilize it. When you enable maintenance mode, the phone will be assigned a new guest user account that will not have access to any private data, such as images, videos, documents, credit card information, and so on. Hence, no one will be able to data share your content without your consent.

Thanks to the feature, technicians may verify whether a phone works and test all key operations, including installing applications from the Galaxy Store that are promptly erased after a reboot. However, they cannot bypass the Maintenance Mode barrier to access your data.

How Does It Work?

To enable it, go to the Battery and device care section of your phone’s Settings and choose Maintenance mode. When you do, your smartphone will reboot into an apparently new slate, with no access to personal applications or content.

The Maintenance mode is a feature that we want to see replicated by other manufacturers in the near future. If you wish to utilize it, it will be available on certain models with the future One UI 5 upgrade, hence keep an eye of the recent OS updates.



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