Pixel June Update: New Features for Phones, Watches, and Even Smarter Homes

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Unleash the Power of Your Pixel: Exciting New Features in the June Feature Drop

Is your Pixel phone feeling a little…ordinary? The June Pixel Feature Drop is here, packed with upgrades to transform your Pixel experience. This update brings a wave of innovation across Pixel phones, watches, and even tablets.

For Pixel 8 series owners, the wait is over! Gemini Nano arrives, unlocking new possibilities. Plus, effortless connections are now possible with DisplayPort support. Identify unknown callers instantly with the innovative Reverse Phone Number Lookup feature.

The June Feature Drop elevates your photography game too. Pixel devices from Pixel 6 onwards can now automatically capture the perfect HDR+ moment with a single press.

Pixel 6 Pro and above users can unleash their inner photographer with manual lens control. And for ultimate peace of mind, Find My Device now locates your Pixel even when powered off.

Love smart homes? The new Google Home Favorites widget lets you customize controls right on your smartphone or tablet. Pixel Watch 2 prioritizes safety with Car Crash and Bicycle Fall Detection. Plus, Google Wallet on Pixel Watch gets a boost with the arrival of Paypal.

Don’t miss out! Download the June Pixel Feature Drop and experience your Pixel like never before.

Gemini Now Available Across All Pixel 8 Models

First and foremost, the much-anticipated Gemini is now available on all Pixel 8 models. Previously, there was some uncertainty about Gemini’s availability on the base Pixel 8 and the more affordable Pixel 8a.

Google has confirmed that Gemini is indeed available on these models, as well as being enabled by default on the Pixel 8 Pro.

With the June Feature Drop, Gemini Nano features like Summarize in Recorder are finally launching, allowing users to detect and export transcripts of recordings into text files or Google Docs.

DisplayPort Support and Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Google has added DisplayPort support to all three Pixel 8 models, enabling users to connect their phones to a second display via a USB-C cable.

This feature allows you to showcase your favorite movies or videos on a larger screen. There is also speculation that a desktop mode, similar to Samsung DeX, could be in the works, turning your phone into a desktop computer.

Another notable addition is the Reverse Phone Number Lookup feature. Now, when an unknown number appears in your recent call log, you can tap on it, and Google will automatically perform a search to provide more information about the caller.

This feature isn’t foolproof but offers a useful tool for identifying unknown numbers.

Enhanced Find My Device Network

Google is making significant changes to its Find My Device network. The Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel 8a are now detectable even when powered off.

This feature alone could be a compelling reason to download the update, as it greatly enhances the ability to locate a lost or stolen device.

Camera Improvements and Manual Lens Selection

On the camera front, Pixel devices from the Pixel 6 to the Pixel Tablet now have the capability to automatically identify the best moment for a photo to be captured in HDR+ with a single shutter press.

This feature further sets Google’s camera technology apart from other smartphone cameras.

Additionally, manual lens selection is now available on the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Fold.

This allows users to manually choose which camera lens to use, offering more control over their photography rather than relying on the device to make the choice.

New Google Home Features and Smart Home Integration

Google has introduced a new Google Home Favorites widget, providing customizable smart home controls directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Doorbell notifications are now available on the Pixel Tablet when docked in hub mode, giving you a better view of who is at your door.

With all the new features and increased usage, managing your device’s storage efficiently becomes crucial.

The Smart Transfer Photo Cleaner Organizer app is a third-party tool designed to help you manage and organize your photo library effortlessly.

Smart Transfer allows you to quickly identify and delete duplicate photos, free up storage space, and seamlessly transfer photos between devices.

By integrating Smart Transfer into your routine, you can ensure your Pixel device remains clutter-free and efficient, complementing the advanced features introduced in this month’s Feature Drop.

Updates for Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2

The June Feature Drop also brings exciting updates to the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2.

New features include Car Crash Detection and Bicycle Fall Detection, which can detect if you’ve been in an accident or fallen off your bike, and subsequently contact emergency services if you’re unresponsive.

Google Wallet on the Pixel Watch now supports PayPal, enhancing its functionality.

Additionally, a new update for Google Home brings a watch face complication and Wear OS tile to the Pixel Watch, offering more control over smart home devices.

Wrap Up

The June Pixel Feature Drop is packed with exciting new features and improvements that enhance the overall user experience for Pixel devices.

From the availability of Gemini across all Pixel 8 models to enhanced camera functionalities and new smart home integrations, this update brings significant value to Pixel users.

Additionally, the Smart Transfer Photo Cleaner Organizer app ensures that your device remains efficient and organized, making it easier to enjoy all these new features.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue exploring the potential of your Pixel devices with these latest enhancements.



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