Oppo Find N3: Redefining Foldable Smartphone Performance and Display

Bianca Patrick
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The year 2023 is shaping up to be the year of foldable smartphones, with innovative designs and advanced features taking center stage. The upcoming release of the Oppo Find N3 has garnered significant attention, as leaks suggest significant upgrades to its display size and overall capabilities.

A History of Innovation

Oppo, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, has made waves with its previous foldable releases, the Find N and Find N2. While these devices impressed with their robust hardware, they were confined to the Chinese market. The imminent release of the Oppo Find N3 raises questions about whether it will expand its reach globally or remain exclusive to China. What’s certain, however, is that Oppo is pushing the boundaries by enlarging the device’s display, potentially making it a more enticing offering for users.

Bigger and Bolder: The New Display

One of the standout features of the Oppo Find N series has been its book-style foldable design. Both the Find N and N2 featured 7.1-inch inner displays, delivering an immersive viewing experience. However, the latest leak suggests that Oppo is taking things up a notch with the Find N3. According to the leak from Digital Chat Station on Weibo, the Oppo Find N3 is set to sport an expansive 7.82-inch inner display. This enhancement in display size positions it ahead of competitors like the Google Pixel Fold and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series, potentially elevating its overall appeal.

Synchronicity with OnePlus Open and Enhanced Aspect Ratio

The rumored increase in display size for the Oppo Find N3 aligns with speculation surrounding the OnePlus Open. Expected to share similar hardware with the Find N3, the OnePlus Open has been anticipated to feature a larger display. This coherence in design choices between the two devices hints at a strategic move by Oppo to capture a broader segment of the market. Additionally, the leak reveals that the outer display of the Find N3, which was previously compact at 5.54 inches, will expand to 6.31 inches with a 20:9 aspect ratio.

Powerful Specifications

Beyond its impressive display upgrades, the Oppo Find N3 is set to deliver substantial performance improvements. The inclusion of UFS 4.0 storage with capacities of up to 1TB ensures that users will have ample space to store their digital lives. Furthermore, a minimum of 16GB of RAM ensures seamless multitasking and enhanced overall performance. Remarkably, Oppo is even experimenting with a variant of the Find N3 equipped with a whopping 24GB of RAM, potentially setting new benchmarks for smartphone multitasking capabilities.

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Anticipation and Global Launch

As excitement builds around the Oppo Find N3, the smartphone community eagerly anticipates its official release. Leaks from sources like Digital Chat Station have historically proven accurate, lending credibility to the information regarding the device’s enhanced features. With expectations of a global launch shortly after its initial release, the Oppo Find N3 is poised to make a lasting impact on the foldable smartphone landscape.

Overall, the Oppo Find N3’s leaks hint at a promising evolution in the foldable smartphone domain. With a larger display, improved specifications, and potential global availability, the Oppo Find N3 is on track to leave a significant imprint on the market. As we await its official launch, the smartphone industry’s constant innovation continues to reshape our digital experiences.



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