iOS 16: Easily Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone in 2022

You recently updated your smartphone to iOS 16, but now you’re experiencing issues. In any case, it frequently occurs, and the most frequent problem that users report is that they can no longer access the Duplicate Photos option. There are several safe methods to detect and eliminate junk data stored in your iPhone and we have gathered a few tricks that can assist to resolve these issues. Let’s go through it in detail and find out how to remove similar or identical photos on your smartphone with iOS 16.

Merge Duplicate Photos

As previously noted, iOS 16 has a dedicated album in your Photo gallery that will show all the duplicates that have been found and let you choose your preferred method of action for them. Open the photos app on your iOS 16-equipped iPhone. It may be accessed from your device’s home screen or app library. After that, make sure you are on the albums option in the Photos app’s menu bar. Next, select the duplicate album located under the utility section at the bottom of the page. You may now view all the duplicate images and videos in your gallery, organized by date, on the following screen. Additionally, each duplicate’s size is visible on the thumbnail. To continue, tap the select button for choosing a specific folder of pictures.

Steps to Delete iPhone Photos

To choose all duplicate photographs discovered by iPhone, tap select all in the top-left corner of the screen. The photographs may also be chosen one at a time by tapping them. Tap the select button next to each dated area to only select that particular set of duplicate pictures. By using the merge option, you can now combine duplicate photographs into one high-quality image while preserving all related information, including descriptions, file size, and even saved favorites. iPhone will also update any albums with duplicate photos with the combined photo if there were any. Some iPhone users even skip this method by simply installing a photo cleaner app to merge and rapidly delete duplicate photos. The main issue they face later includes iPhone lagging or frozen screens. It is recommended to manually follow the procedure rather than relying on a third-party app.

Delete iPhone Duplicate Photos

Make sure iOS 16 is installed on your iPhone before you begin. If you haven’t already, learn how to install the newest software update here. Start your iPhone’s photos app and at the bottom, click and hold the albums tab. Simply swipe down to the utility section and choose the duplicates option. Tap merge to remove any duplicates after reviewing them. Alternatively, you may press select and choose to select all to combine all duplicates at once. In case you wish to inspect them before they are completely erased, duplicate photographs that you delete will show up in the recently deleted album. If the user completely follows the pattern, deleting duplicate photos on an iOS 16 iPhone is quite simple.

Follow Safe Method to Delete Photos

You now know how to remove iOS 16 duplicate photographs with simple steps. Well, by combining identical photographs and getting rid of them for increasing storage space, you may use this strategy in many other ways. None of these techniques, though, can be relied upon to work for everyone. The best option for users is to use duplicate photo and video cleanup apps from the Apple Store to resolve any iPhone storage problems.



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