Instagram Chronological Feed Option is Now Available for Users

Instagram now gives you the option to view your feed sequentially, which means that you will see the most recent posts from the people you follow rather than ones based on the Instagram algorithm. To get this feature, you can simply modify the feed’s default chronological order, and you’ll be good to go. Here’s how to accomplish it on any smartphone.

Chronological Feed on Instagram

Instagram by default only displays content that it believes you’ll find interesting, even if that means putting an older post at the top and a more current one at the bottom of your feed. Through the use of various sources and information gleaned from your app activity, it does this. However, you may change the feed order to chronological if you’d want the platform to display the most recent entries at the top. You may view the posts from the people you follow chronologically using this official Instagram feature.

View Instagram’s Feed in Chronological Order on Smartphone

On your iPhone or Android phone, open the Instagram app to see posts in chronological order. Tap the Instagram logo in the top-left area of the app when it first begins. Simply doing these actions will bring up a menu with two possibilities. Select this to view Instagram posts from the profiles you follow in chronological order. Then touch this choice to view posts from the accounts you have added to your Favorites list. Several users try to copy data for safety before making any changes to social media apps by transferring all downloaded photos and videos to another smartphone. Changing chronological order settings will not affect your social media apps.

Easiest Method to Follow

After using this technique, your follow feed will start to appear chronologically, just as it did on Instagram before the algorithms that are designed to maximize interaction and time spent using the app. Even if it’s dull or not algorithmically optimized, whatever was posted most recently by accounts or people you follow will be at the top of the feed. Now, enjoy this feed and find out more about how to try more features on Instagram.



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