Easy Ways to Remove Duplicate Photos on Android in 2022

Bianca Patrick
3 min readOct 4, 2022

When copying, backing up or restoring data from Android phones, we occasionally copy the same folder or file twice or more. This duplicates files and takes up more space on the microSD card or phone memory. However, having an app to find duplicate files on your smartphone would be ideal. Here is a recommended duplicate file finder method for your smartphone that will assist you in locating and removing duplicate files from your device.

Use Android Smartphones Built-In Apps

The simplest approach to get rid of duplicate files is to open your file management app typically called Files or My Files and scroll through the list until you discover them. Then, depending on the Android smartphone you’re using, you’ll likely need to press the menu, settings, or choose option, highlight the files, and then tap the delete option. If you only have a few files on your Android, this is a reasonable technique to free up space. We suggest utilizing an app for individuals with larger collections. Rather than going through your whole file library, save time and effort by having an app do it for you. There is a number in the Google Play Store, and we recommend the ones with the greatest functionality and user experience.

Process of Removing Duplicate Files

Keep in mind that backing up your device is usually a smart idea before you begin removing files. Installing any storage cleaner app will automatically delete your data, so it is advisable to keep them in a safe folder before cleansing your Android smartphone. After selecting the app with the highest rating, and following the installation process, you’ll be prompted to enable the app access to your photographs, media, and files, which it will need to do to eliminate duplicates. When you tap Got It, you’ll be transported to the main interface. When you’ve decided, touch the Scan Now button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be prompted to provide permission to view the files once more, so hit Allow and let the software do its functions.

Follow Best App for Removing Duplicate Files

When the scan is finished, you’ll be shown a detailed list of your duplicates. You may either view them all at once or swipe left to go among the different file kinds. Each duplicate is listed with the original, but only one of them is picked. Check through them to see if there were any mistakes throughout the scan. When you’re finished, you have two options; either choose Delete Now or Backup Now. You are welcome to examine all available apps, but for the time being, we will proceed with eliminating the files. Then, confirm your decision by tapping Delete Now. The problematic items will now be removed from the app. When this is done, you’ll see a box indicating how much space was saved by removing the duplicates. These are the easiest steps to manage your smartphone memory and If you discover that you are still running out of storage space after deleting the files, try to install with top user and reviewers ratings combined.



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