Amazon Photos is getting an upgrade, at least on iOS

Amazon is one of those adaptable businesses that has managed to keep ahead of the competition because of its new products. The tech behemoth is a well-known company with a bevy of products that cater to a variety of consumer needs.

According to a recent post on the Amazon Photos site, Amazon Photos on iOS has undergone a big revamp, implying that Amazon is attempting to compete with Google Photos.

Revamped Amazon Photos

The new version attempts to improve navigation by putting all options within “a thumb’s reach.” You should be able to access your images and account information directly from the home screen. A customizable slideshow is also available on the main screen, which includes a reel of memories showcasing vacations, images from prior years taken on the current day, and a random selection of photos that changes on a daily basis.

When you choose a gallery, Amazon says you won’t have to keep scrolling to find a certain photo since swiping up on the screen exposes a control panel that allows you to filter photographs by people, place, and year. Amazon hasn’t said when or if the Photos app for Android will be updated. Despite the fact that Amazon Prime members have unlimited photo storage, the service has lagged behind Google Photos, to the point where some Echo users prefer to use Google Photos on their smartphones, which Amazon does not provide.

Moreover, the company was previously asked if the company would ever consider data sharing or integrating Echo with Google to which the representative replied that the decision depended on Google.

However, as evidenced by the age of the Amazon Photos blog, it appears like Amazon is beginning to devote more resources to its Photos service. Amazon’s initial post regarding Photos was published in August of this year, and it appears that Amazon will continue to provide updates about Photos. While the launch of a new blog isn’t particularly significant, it appears that Amazon is ready to remind consumers that it offers a Photos service.

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