According to Apple, the company runs ads on third-party apps with the developer’s consent

According to a report, Apple has been “secretly” buying adverts for third-party apps to boost its commission earnings. Apple is also defending itself against some of the charges, claiming that it is industry standard procedure.

Further Details

Forbes published a report today. According to the article, Apple has been promoting third-party apps on social media and other platforms to encourage in-app sales. According to the source, Apple’s goal is to attract traffic to the App Store rather than the developer’s website, so that people pay subscriptions as in-app purchases, giving Apple a 15% or 30% cut. Following the outcry from this revelation, Apple admitted that it is running these ads, but that the motivation isn’t sinister.

Apple has been running similar adverts for third-party apps for over five years, according to reliable sources. Similar to how apps that share SMS run marketing for the things they sell, the adverts are aimed to simply promote the products sold via the App Store.

The Silicon Valley-based company also shot down the notion that it is “secretly” or “quietly” running these ads, as the original story said. The company states that it talks with developers about these adverts regularly. The advertisements are stated to be properly labeled as App Store ads and are allowed under the usual Apple Developer Program agreement.

Apple claims that it is currently sponsoring adverts on Google, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter to promote more than 100 third-party applications. Babbel, Bumble, HBO, Masterclass, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder were among the afflicted apps, according to the initial Forbes story.

The report has been quite shocking for Apple users and many believe it to be anti-competitive behavior since it puts other applications at a disadvantage. We have yet to see the full impact of this report.

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