WhatsApp has been a favorite messaging app all over the world. The Facebook-owned app has maintained its popularity through the years; nevertheless, it faced some severe backlash last year when it announced its updated privacy policy. Users were appalled and considered the new policy as a violation of privacy. The messaging platform released feature after feature and reassured users that their privacy will be respected. The company’s efforts seem to have paid off since it was able to retain its users.

Millions of people use WhatsApp to share everything from family news to confidential information. One of the app’s most…

Apple’s iPhone 13 is perhaps the tech giant’s most anticipated device yet. There are tons of rumors and speculations circulating the web and they increase every day. Most people agree that this will be Apple’s most ambitious iPhone yet. The design and the specs will have a major upgrade from its predecessor plus it may have satellite connectivity.

While there has been no official date announced as to when the iPhone 13 will be finally released, we have analyzed data from various sources and made a rough estimate.

When Can We Expect iPhone 13?

After sifting through all of the…

Samsung is considered one of the world’s largest south Korean electronic manufactures. It is not only known for producing electronic appliances but also manufactures the best smartphones. Samsung is very famous for its note and galaxy phones. However, because large Android phones are already everywhere, Samsung’s task is to create a phone that is not only powerful but also feels well-made. If you are planning to buy a new Samsung phone then it can be a tough choice as Samsung consist of many innovative smartphones.

In this article, we will help you to select one of the best Samsung phones…

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Following the uproar over WhatsApp’s privacy policies, it gained a lot of traction. To keep up with its expanding popularity, it has been adding feature after feature since then.

With the release of version 8.0, the encrypted messaging app has included live streaming with unlimited viewers to groups and channels. …

Without any doubt, everyone has heard the name of the apple company. Apple, situated in Cupertino, California, is one of the world’s most valuable firms. It makes well-known digital devices like Macs, iPods, iPhones. As everyone knows that Apple is one of the best companies that provides always trending phones to its customers. Apple never fails to entertain its users with incredible smartphones every year. Apple keeping its promise, rumors are now everywhere for the release of the iPhone 13.

It seems like only yesterday that we were peeling the protective film off the iPhone 12, yet the next model…

Apple works around the clock to ensure its user’s privacy is not violated. However, depute the strict precautionary measures Apple users received a serious warning recently.

Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are currently vulnerable to a variety of dangers, but Apple’s new CSAM detection technology has sparked more debate than the rest combined. And now it’s taken a new turn.

iPad, iPhone, and MacBook users issued a serious warning

A trustworthy source has delved into Apple’s CSAM detection technology, which will be available to Apple’s 1.65 billion active iPhones, iPads, and Macs next month, in a surprising new post…

Apple is one of the world’s most well-known smartphone companies. It is infamous for starting trends and giving customers unique, fresh designs. Apple seldom divulges information about its projects, but recent speculations and leaks from reliable sources claim that the iPad 9 will be released in September.

As September approaches, new reports about Apple’s upcoming devices become more common. According to a source, Apple will release the iPad 9 next month, boosting its tablet shipments to 60 million units.

iPad 9

The new iPad 9 will not have any “major design improvements,” but it will help Apple increase overall iPad…

Facebook Messenger is one of the leading messaging platforms. Ever since its initial launch, it has become one of the must-have applications for users worldwide. The platform has come far from what it was thanks to the addition of numerous features.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform is introducing end-to-end encryption for audio and video calls. In a blog post, the tech giant stated that the update will be implemented today, along with new restrictions for its disappearing messages. Some users may also notice new encryption-related test features.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption for text messages was enabled in Facebook Messenger in 2016…

Samsung is considered one of the most reliable and remarkable companies in the world without any doubt. It has always proved its worth by introducing innovative phones every time. Samsung never fails to give super stunning displays to its users.

Samsung has recently launched another ingenious model of the “Samsung galaxy Z flip” series. The question arises now ‘Is it worth your money to get a clamshell-style foldable? For its time, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was a fantastic folding phone. Even if the clamshell-style form factor isn’t as practical as something like the Galaxy Z Fold series, the hinge…

Google’s ecosystem is similar to Apple’s. Its users have access to a wide range of products for all of their technological requirements. The tech behemoth has continued to evolve, releasing innovative product after inventive product.

Google’s next big smartphone update, Android 12, is mainly focused on design. “Material du,” A new design language combining simple, engaging graphics with color themes derived from the phone’s wallpaper.

Next Big Update

To test the feature right now, you’ll need an Android 12 beta device, because Android 12 scans the smartphone’s background to determine the color palette for the system’s user interface. …

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